2017 Annual Dues

2017 annual dues are payable by February 15, 2016. Please mail your check to:
The Cedars Homes Association
P.O. Box 14571
Lenexa, KS. 66285-4571
You may email us with any questions.

2017 Budget

Click here to view the detailed budget.

The Cedars Standard Trash and Recycling

Town and Country Disposal of Harrisonville, MO.
Contact Town and Country at (816) 380-5595 if you have any questions.
Key points to the Town and Country service include:

  • Weekly Trash & Recycling pickup is Friday.
  • Town and Country will pick up trash on holidays falling on Friday.
  • Trash Service: Trash should placed in the green cart with a black lid and lined up on the curb with the wheels facing your house.
  • Recycling: Should be placed in the cart with the blue lid and lined up on the curb.
  • Yard Waste: All yard waste must be in biodegradable paper bags with a 9 bag limit. No plastic bags with yard waste will be accepted.
  • Trash and Recycling Container Storage: All trash, recycling and yard waste must be stored behind the building line or inside the garage per Lenexa Code. If kept outside, it should be stored inside a container.
Just a reminder, the last collection date for yard waste is December 25th.
According to Town & Country, because that is a holiday the actual pick up may occur several days later but all yard waste should be out by December 25th.
Yard waste collection will resume April 1, 2017

Lenexa Special Trash Programs

Bulky Item Pickup by Town & Country

Town & Country provides bulky item pickup to residents of The Cedars once per month for no additional charge. This program is instead of a scheduled big trash day as it allows more flexibility and more bulky item pickup opportunities.

To take advantage of this program, simply call Town & Country at (816) 380-5595 and let them know your house address and that you are a Cedars Homes Association resident and then place the items at the curb.

Bulky items include televisions, couches, chairs, tables, mattress, beds, frames, furniture – anything but construction debris such as rocks or dirt.

Note: Appliances or items with motors in them are not included as a Bulk item. There is a $20 charge paid by the individual resident. Pickup of appliances must be called in 24 hours prior to collection and a separate truck will collect them. Payment may be by a check taped to the door or a credit card called into Town & Country’s office.

This bulk pickup is available FREE to each address once a month – All residents have to do is call Town & Country at (816)380-5595 with the house address and let them know that you’re a resident of The Cedars Homes Association.

The city provides Dumpster Weekends for Lenexa’s citizens as an opportunity to bring material they wish to dispose of at the city’s Public Works Operations facility at 7700 Cottonwood (enter from 79th Street, across from Mill Creek Elementary School) from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.