The Cedars

Notice of Construction

As you are probably aware, the City has been planning a stormwater infrastructure rehabilitation project for your neighborhood. In general, the project will include either replacing or rehabilitating the existing storm sewer system. The work areas are shown on the attached map. Blue and orange lines indicate areas where the pipes will be replaced or added and digging will be required. Yellow lines indicate pipes that will be lined. This work is done through the existing manholes and does not involve digging.
The contractor will begin working on the pipe lining (yellow lines) within the next few weeks. As mentioned, this process does not involve digging, but may disrupt traffic for a few hours. You may see steam rising from adjacent inlets and you will smell an epoxy smell while they are completing the lining.

Work on the remaining lines will begin in mid-July. The first item will be removal of trees and fences that are in the work area. This will be followed by the actual pipe replacement work, starting near 87th street and working north. All work is scheduled to be completed by the end of November. If there are any significant changes to the schedule, we will communicate through the appropriate homeowner’s association.

If you have any questions throughout this project, please feel free to contact one of the individuals listed below:

Project Manager
Tom Jacobs, City of Lenexa

Project Inspector
Jake Worden, City of Lenexa

Project Superintendents
Keith Vandenburg, VF Anderson Builders
Chad Bush, VF Anderson Builders